Horizontal Mooneyes British Plumbed Oil Tank

the factory metal works and mooneyes teamed up to bring you a triumph or bsa plumbed horizontal oil tank 

this 5 inch horizontal oil tank is plumbed to run the proper lines on a British twin set up 

comes with 5/16 return line and 3/16 rocker feed line 

7/8-20 bung for stock filter basket feed bung

has 5/16 vent line on top 

comes in center fill or left side fill 

tank features 2, 3/8 mounts on top 4 inches on center and 1 , 3/8 mount on bottom for tri style mounting should be rubber mounted   

comes in a sun ray unpolished brushed finish (un polished version will come with weld seem between 2 tank halves )

or add polish for $80 extra (polished version will have tank weld seem removed like in images )

holds 3 qrts

tank is 5 inches round and 10 long

pressure tested and tig welded

made from spun alloy and may take a few weeks for delivery 

made in the usa by tfmw and mooneyes

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