MOON Original Spinner Gas Cap with Brass Vent for 1-1/2'' Bung

Spinner Cap with brass vent (MP609-1V) that's located in the center of the spinner. Made from high grade aluminum, this nostalgic miniature spinner gas cap is all MOON! It has been based on the original mold from back in the early days of yesteryear hot rodding, only it's been manufactured with upgrades to suit today's hard pounding use. The built in air pressure vent eases back pressure that commonly builds up in the tank. The cam has the raised lettering MOON and tri-spoke spinner is made to fit Chopper tanks and other tanks with 1-1/2" bung. Overall diameter of this cap is about 3 5/8th inch (including the tri-spokes) Or, the main body diameter is 1 7/8th and each spoke is about 7/8 inch. (approximately). The spinner is about half inch high (not including the 3/8 inch thread).

One piece, solid cast aluminum crisp finish and ready for use in vented or no vent form.

Fits 1-1/2" diameter chopper bungs.

Made in USA

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