Oif weld on do it yourself hardtail frame kit for all custom motorcycles

oif do it yourself kit comes with all the bars and plates and tabs needed to make your own hard tail in a 0-6 stretch and a 0-4 drop just use some imagination found at the bottom of a can and weld on
This kit comes with
2 oif style 5/8 slot 1/2 inch thick axle plates
2 - 1.250 dom .120 wall tubes 26 inches long with 20 degrees of bend
2- 1.250 dom .120 wall tubes 26 inches long with 26 degrees of bend
2- straight pieces of 1.250 .120 wall tubing 10 inches long for x bars
And 1 brake stay tab with a 3/8 hole
we can bend up any 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2 inch tubing sets for you at a $50 charge for custom
all plates and tabs are water jet cut
in stock
made in the usa l

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