Starburst Motorcycle MOON Discs - 16"

This is a special made "Starburst" MOON Disc pair (two pieces, left and right side) for 16-inch spoke rear wheel of motorcycles. Made right here in the USA. Discs are made to fit (tested on) 16" rims with spokes and disc or drum brake. The discs are measured at 15-1/2" diameter so they fit inside the drop center and clear the hub and brake. One have 7" I.D. and other have 6-1/2" I.D and also has a cut out for the valve stem.

Due to many different variation of wheels, mounting holes are not drilled and screws are not provided

We can cut center holes to your request for additional 15.00 each.

Made in USA
Fits 16" rim, motorcycle rear wheel only
Sold as a set of tw0

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