Triumph Unit 500 Bolt On Hardtail Frame Kit 2 stretch 2.5 drop for t100 5ta vintage chopper and bobber builds

This kit includes everything you need to make your stock Triumph unit 500 t100 or 5ta vintage motorcycle a custom bobber or chopper.

everything to make over the back half of your english scoot ! 
Included in the kit is:
TFMW Unit 500 Bolt On Hardtail 2 stretch 2.5 drop 

TFMW Right Side Fill Flat End 5 inch steel Oil Tank For Triumph And British Twin


TFMW Weld On Oil Tank Mounts

TFMW Ribbed 5 Inch Duck Billed Rear Fender

TFMW Black Vertical Pleated Vinyl Solo Seat

TFMW Solo Seat Mount Kit (seat bungs, 3 inch springs in chrome and chrome seat hinge )

530 Non O Ring 130 Link Chain

this kit will ship 7-10 days after ordering via fedex, usps or priority international mail depending on location 

bolts are not included 


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