Vertical rippled oil tank 4.5 inch raw steel for triumph and bsa twin cylinder motorcycles

4.5 inch vertical oil tank

plumbed to run the proper lines on a British twin set up

comes with 5/16 return line and 3/16 rocker feed line

7/8-20 bung for stock filter basket feed fitting

has 5/16 vent line on top comes in center fill

2, 3/8 mounts on front side 4 inches on center and 1 on back for a rear mount

comes in raw steel

tank is 4.5 inches round and is 12 inches long

tig welded.

made from spun steel in the usa

these tanks are made to order usually we may have some in stock depending on work load

2-4 week wait on this item for manufacture time

we suggest coating every oil and fuel tank purchased to prevent leaks and or rusting

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